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Immediate response needed.Have you had problems with returns, customer service, managers, unexplained charges to account, EZ returns, contract issues.

If so, please email me at: Explanations will follow after I hear from you. I need to know what issues you have had or are having, in detail. Thank you and God Bless!

I have had all of these issues!

I was a dedicated Avon rep, who upheld the contract faithfully, and because I upheld the Avon Guarantee, I was terminated. I need all the back up stories I can get.

You may benefit in the end.Any issues you have, please have backup to verify.

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They were charging me extra fees on my bank account that I didn't knonw & I never got my pay from my orders

Pottstown, Pennsylvania, United States #1255176

I do


Has any Avon Representative had issues trying to get Avon to close their account if they no longer want to sell? I have been trying for a month to get them to close my account and as of today it is still open.


They are a greedy scam


I have been charged twice on zJan orders &Feb orders and thats only what I have caught.


If I could sue avon I would.I just started selling Avon and it has been nothing but a nightmare.

Their customer service sucks, they have been over charging me. The district manager does not return my emails. I have yet to make any profit. I will be placingy last order and will be canceling my account with Avon.

Avon demands I pay upfront for every order I place.I do not recommend Avon to anyone.

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #955837

syes its true im a avon rep and i to pay for my avon in full. but always giving extra money to them i have credit but wen i spend my credit my crdit go up more thy say thy credit owe to me i havent receive a paycheck from avon. avon need to treat they avon rep more better.

to wonder #1392564

Same with me.

Roseville, Michigan, United States #767601

I agree with the other post .I sell avon for almost a year and made little to no money.

I switch to. New company called it works. I sell body wraps that helps lose weight without exercise .

I make way more money now.If you are interested email me

Toledo, Ohio, United States #739612

I have a different problem and I don't know if anyone else has this problem.But, I paid for an order not sure if it was my closed bank account.

But the bank tells me their was no charge. Talk to 2 bank reps. Tell me it is a scam. So I talk to someone from Sun Credit and said I will pay #25.00 and be done with you people.

My husband also talked to them for a bill. I called 4 times and still no bill for the $25.00. Sun credit called asking me for my money I told them I am waiting for a bill not paying till I have a bill. This has gone on since March 2013.

I am pissed when I talked to Sun Credit. If they reported me to the Credit bureau. I will sue them for sure just for $25.00 and not sending me a bill.

Contact me if you have issues like

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