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Immediate response needed. Have you had problems with returns, customer service, managers, unexplained charges to account, EZ returns, contract issues.

If so, please email me at: Explanations will follow after I hear from you. I need to know what issues you have had or are having, in detail. Thank you and God Bless!

I have had all of these issues!

I was a dedicated Avon rep, who upheld the contract faithfully, and because I upheld the Avon Guarantee, I was terminated. I need all the back up stories I can get.

You may benefit in the end. Any issues you have, please have backup to verify.

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They were charging me extra fees on my bank account that I didn't knonw & I never got my pay from my orders

Pottstown, Pennsylvania, United States #1255176

I do


Has any Avon Representative had issues trying to get Avon to close their account if they no longer want to sell? I have been trying for a month to get them to close my account and as of today it is still open.


They are a greedy scam


I have been charged twice on zJan orders &Feb orders and thats only what I have caught.


If I could sue avon I would. I just started selling Avon and it has been nothing but a nightmare.

Their customer service sucks, they have been over charging me. The district manager does not return my emails. I have yet to make any profit. I will be placingy last order and will be canceling my account with Avon.

Avon demands I pay upfront for every order I place. I do not recommend Avon to anyone.

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #955837

syes its true im a avon rep and i to pay for my avon in full. but always giving extra money to them i have credit but wen i spend my credit my crdit go up more thy say thy credit owe to me i havent receive a paycheck from avon. avon need to treat they avon rep more better.

to wonder #1392564

Same with me.

Roseville, Michigan, United States #767601

I agree with the other post . I sell avon for almost a year and made little to no money.

I switch to. New company called it works. I sell body wraps that helps lose weight without exercise .

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Toledo, Ohio, United States #739612

I have a different problem and I don't know if anyone else has this problem. But, I paid for an order not sure if it was my closed bank account.

But the bank tells me their was no charge. Talk to 2 bank reps. Tell me it is a scam. So I talk to someone from Sun Credit and said I will pay #25.00 and be done with you people.

My husband also talked to them for a bill. I called 4 times and still no bill for the $25.00. Sun credit called asking me for my money I told them I am waiting for a bill not paying till I have a bill. This has gone on since March 2013.

I am pissed when I talked to Sun Credit. If they reported me to the Credit bureau. I will sue them for sure just for $25.00 and not sending me a bill.

Contact me if you have issues like mine.

Corona, California, United States #735219

I would love to gather as many people as possible to sue Avon!!!! They screw their reps so badly when we try so hard. Returns "get lost" a lot, missing products all the time that I end up paying for because it is SO frequent. And it is a fight on the phone every time it seems like. They read from a script and have no feeling on the reps help line. There is NEVER anyone that takes care of complaints for us or our customers. I have had customers email corporate and STILL NOTHING!!!!!

I have never sued anon before but I can't handle this anymore. I have busted my butt and waisted so many hours trying to make this company money as well as myself and they just screw me!!!

I never hear from my district manager for help-and she has flaked on scheduled appointments with me and my customers (group appointments). Avon themselves don't do anything about anything! I have proof of some things and I can also show how my invoices have changed on almost a day to day bases. Things were even added to my invoices that I never ordered-and it wasn't because of the preferred preview. I am now to the point where I have no income and can't make ends meat. Please ex-reps…email me at if you have similar stories. I can't sit here and watch this company do this to us anymore. :cry

to Trish New Jersey, United States #1102061

I am currently an avon rep I'm having some of the same issues if you can contact me that would be great and I would be very thankful

Thanks again



I have been a rep for almost a year and it's been nothing but hassle. After I signed up I never heard again from my upline or district mgr.

Calls after calls never get returned, emails are a joke. This is what broke the camels back; I had a customer who for two weeks promised numerous times to pay for her products, then the day that I had to have the payment in order to send in for my payment she says cancel the order. I then turned around and sold those items to my neighbor who was her parents. I get a call from Avon stating that this customer said I refused her a refund and then demanded money from her parents.

Her father is the one who came to me and said he wanted to buy the products. Now Avon is demanding me refund her the money, not her father. Her father said he wants the products and don't want a refund. How can Avon demand me refunding someone who never even paid me, when I sold the products to another person.

I have officially called it quits with Avon.

Avon has the money so they can refund someone who never paid for the products. I sent the money for payment of the products to Avon.

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #606970

I've been at this since July of last year. My upline was new too so I had no training. If you call Avon as a rep it's not just India. I wound up with someone in the Philippines that actually started yelling at me that she couldn't understand MY accent. I'm from the Midwest and she complained about my accent? There was no one that was a native English speaker there. Not a one for me to talk to. They took away my downline because I only had 4. They go to my upline. No wonder she didn't tell me about this. It benefits her for me to only get 4. Now reading these I realize it's the company. They sent me a invoice/account statement. I have a credit of just over $3.00 and they have cancelled my credit. I returned all of the unplugged I could not sell along with other items and they will not give me a refund or a credit. To the tune of just over $200.00.

I've told everyone I know in avon about this problem and they just shrug. Obviously it's standard op procedure for avon. Expected.

pennies per hour isn't worth it at all. I'll take online orders but that's it. The customer has to return themselves. Not me.

In Raleigh here we have reps that actually 'steal' from other reps. Yup. At a show giving out other reps samples. Putting their book in the bags of my customers. Kept the 100.00 put in by the district manager for herself and did not lower our price on the equal split but lowered hers by 100.00. No one will work with her now of course.


Most of what I learn about Avon and ordering from them is 'Trial by Fire'. All communication is done through their contact form on the rep site where they will get back to you withing a business day.

Not so helpful if you have an immediate problem, which I did and it ended up costing me $30.00.

They won't reverse the charges. I guess I should have known something I was never told, taught or trained on and their is no way to correct something before Avon decides it makes them money.


what a bunch of whiners!! you need to work your business LIKE A BUSINESS - if you process your orders on time - no late fees (im upfront with all my team members about the fees - if you follow the process the one shipping fee you are charged is minimal especially compared to all other mlm companies)

i sell 28k of avon a year, have a team of 30 sales rep AND WORK A FULL TIME JOB, and no actually none of my customers are co-workers.

people not making money are simply not canvassing for new customers, not putting a brochure into the hands of everyone on their customer list each and every campaign and are NOT following up with everyone on their customer list.

Avon affords me money for trips (i live in LA and a tank of gas aint nothing to sneeze at) money for eating out, money to purchase my beloved Mark products.

As for returns, of the 28k I sell, my returns are less than 10%. That is standard. If I have a customer that wants to return stuff everycampaign, i refer them to my erep site. averages on returns are less than 10% across the board. I cant imagine how a many returns you have to have had to be "terminated" as the most i've seen ANY rep get is a removal of thier instant credit for 6 months. They can return items, but need to wait for them to process to get credited as opposed to processing them on e-z returns for an instant credit to your account. m

It took me 3 years to reach Honor Society and I did that with good customer service, follow up, consistency and not spending all my profit on products.

This is a BUSINESS like any other, there are no free lunches. the return is exactly proportinate to the effort and savvy you expend on your business.


to Avon HS & UL Dallas, Texas, United States #790942

Please don't assume people are whiners simply because they had a bad experience and you didn't. If it were really possible for every one who signs up as a rep to make big money such as what you claim, Avon would not be losing reps by the droves and direct sales would not be going down along with the stock.

These are valid complaints that deserve a response from Avon, of which they are not getting.

It is the Avon reputation that is at stake here because the competition is really kicking their buts. Personally I don't believe you make 28k a year selling Avon.

to Avon HS & UL Utah, United States #858030

I don't know why you are here. This is a complaint board.

Is it not? if you are truly making 28k, you wouldn't have enough time to be searching the Internet to defend yourself on a complaint board.

to Avon HS & UL Scott, Louisiana, United States #880692

Calling people whiners is pretty low. If you are at the level you are then you should be trying to encourage people and maybe even guide them instead of calling them names.

I am a rep and I have a lady in my downline that is having major issues with Avon..The billed her twice for the same order and is saying she owes them money when she does not.

It's a mess...I refuse to recruit anymore. I'm just going to work on my own sales and be done with it..and if I start to have issues I will leave as well.

to Avon HS & UL #1557934

I have paid everytime im supposed to as well. Just about everyone on here has the same complaint with rhus company so you are either one of the lucky few that have not had any issues or possibly a plant by the company to do damage control. There seems to be a vast majority with the same complaint so do not be so quick to call people whiners.

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