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I was a rep and in the beginning it went along well and then I had a terrible, person above me and orders came and weren't what I had ordered. I had a couple of deaths in the family and they didn't care that I had a death.

It was sorry for your loss now pay up now. I vowed never again to deal with them. I have kept my word and they also couldn't deliver to the proper address.

The customer service agents do not know how wot work with people. You have to phone long distance to them and can't get a toll free number.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #760820

Avon makes their workers pay to return customer products, that is so WRONG. Avon has a way of getting many people to work for them without paying them, isn't that illegal ?

It should be. :(


I'm quitting this week. Why?

They made a customer of mine pay for the return of products. They put the order in via my website and then got products they couldn't use.

They had to pay for the postage (UPS) and send it back.

Avon is good for makeup, some clothes and specialty items. However, leave the shoes alone - Avon is not a shoe store and if a customer doesn't know the size they need - they should skip it.

Waterford, Ontario, Canada #759403

I didn't say it was their fault, they were no help in trying to do this business at all. You don't know what you are talking about.

I made payment and still they say they didn't get it. It went through the bank. If your team leader can't help in getting your business going they have no business being there.

I'm glad you have had a wonderful time with them. I know of several people who quit because avon didn't get orders correct even though they knew they had the correct information.


The fact that you got the wrong items in your orders isn't the fault of the person above you. That person doesn't have anything to do with your orders, that is strictly your business.

Are you 100% sure that you ordered the right things. The fact that you had a couple deaths in the family doesn't mean that you don't have to pay on time.

If you collected payment for the merchandise when you delivered it to your customers you had the money to make the payments when due. If you got wrong items that weren't deliverable it was up to you to return them and get credit.

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